The New Path!

This week I made the solfa menu, which can be activated once the user clicks on ‘Solfa’ on top left corner of matrix. It allows to change the rows of the matrix dynamically (add/delete rows). Day before yesterday Devin, Walter and Marnen had a meeting together to come up with the most valuable direction for the remainder of the project. So, from now onwards I’ll work upon those ideas though it requires to step backwards with respect to some functionalities but this design will be more integrable and make use of more and more existing TBjs functionalities 🙂

Sketches they came up with:

00 MusicBlocks-Matrix-Generation 01 MusicBlocks-Matrix-Creates-New-Action-Block 02 MusicBlocks-Action-Block-Becomes-Chunk 03 MusicBlocks-How-to-Create-Sharp 04 MusicBlocks-Matrix-Two-Simultaneous-Notes 05 MusicBlocks-Matrix-Random-Pitch 06 MusicBlocks-Matrix-Advanced-Random-Possibility


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