Assemble Workspace

Last week I was out on family trip 🙂 . This week I made the ‘assemble’ workspace in the activity. It lets the user to only assemble and play the chunks which he/she had developed in the home screen. Once a melody is assembled, it can be played using two blocks i.e. ‘repeat’ and ‘forever’. To play for fixed number of iterations the ‘repeat’ block is to be used and to play infinitely, use ‘forever’ block. User can shift from home screen to assemble workspace and vice-versa using the arrow icons at bottom right corner.

I also made the ‘play’ button(top right), which only plays the matrix made in home screen for the time being. The problem I am facing is, how do play button would know what to play on the screen, matrix or chunks (grouped or individually) and in which order.



Next Week I will develop welcome screen, add more functionalities to workspaces. I will also work upon Matrix UI and functionalities in it like adding/removing rows dynamically, splitting notes.


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