Hello !!

This week I worked upon Music chunks representation with matrix.


Once a matrix is played then it can be saved using ‘Save Matrix’ block as a chunk. After saving the chunk, when you click on that, the corresponding notes are being played. For a given chunk, its matrix can also be generated by using the ‘Show’ block. You just have to give the chunk as argument to the show block. After the matrix corresponding to the argument chunk is displayed, it can also be edited and saved again as another chunk 🙂 .
Now, the main advantage of chunk representation is that they can be plugged together and played sequentially as a melody.    today1

By working on chunks separately, students can focus on a particular place in the music, while building something that they will use as part of the larger whole in a latter lesson.

Next week I’ll work upon UI aspects like making matrix and notations movable, make notes that are longer than just one matrix box (half notes, dotted half notes,  and whole notes) and shorter than just one matrix box (some division, like eighth notes or triplets).


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