Music Blocks

Hello everyone !!

I am Yash Khandelwal, a 3rd year undergraduate a IIIT-Hyderabad. I have been accepted by Sugar Labs in Google Summer of Code 2015.

I will develop music blocks for Children/music-newbies to learn music in an interactive and graphical manner. It will have analogy to blocks as in turtleblocksJS. It will be a suite of music tools for introducing the basic concepts of scale, beat, chord, time signature, sequencing etc.

In community bonding period students meet with  their mentors and the community. I discussed about functionalities and methods of implementation.

Last week I had a video chat with Devin, he explained me about music matrix that I intend to develop. We discussed about project planning and preparing. The aim is to develop a music matrix in which we can set time signature, pitch, tempo, volume, transposition. It could also be exported to lilypond.

I developed a basic matrix in which parameters i.e. time signature and octave(for pitch) can be given as of now.


link to the project -> Music-Blocks

There is a lot of things that need to be developed in matrix, this week I will do that only.

Thanks for reading. See you!


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